Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation


NAMSF is the Nigel Aylott Memorial Sports Foundation, set up in memory of Nigel to encourage engagement in the outdoor sports of rogaining and adventure racing.

NAMSF activities may include the following:

  1. Promoting outdoor sports, health, safety, enjoyment and fitness, particularly supporting participation in Australian rogaining and adventure racing;
  2. Payments and distributions towards team travel expenses for participation in rogaining and adventure racing events;
  3. Subsiding and funding mini-adventure sports races and rogaines for young novices;
  4. Organising, subsidising and funding training sessions and coaching clinics for skill development in skills related to rogaining and adventure racing;
  5. Promotion of safety in rogaining and adventure racing by encouraging the worldwide application of safety audits and standards for developing and conducting events;
  6. Distributions, funding and grants to other organisations for projects or activities that meet the purposes of the Association.

The members of NAMSF are:

Mike Aylott (president)

Jan Aylott (secretary)

Carole Byron (treasurer)

Mark Mex

Mike Kirkpatrick

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to help us in any way.

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