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What is it?

Rogaining is the team sport of cross country navigation, requiring physical and mental endurance that rewards strategic route planning. Rogaining has a standard set of rules (for example, all team members must stay together) that are common to all events.

Events are known as rogaines and range in duration from five hours up to twenty four hours. The navigation skills required are similar to those of orienteering and many people participate in both sports. Events are organised by the local rogaining associations (see links) and are run by volunteers. Most rogaines are completed on foot but variations include mountain bike rogaines, ski rogaines and paddle rogaines.

NAMSF activities

NAMSF sponsored the reestablishment of an Intervarsity competition at the 2007 Australian Championships in Alice Springs and paid the travel costs for one university team from each state - Results. Congratulations to the winners of the university trophy: Daniel James and Greg Jolley from the ACT.

The next Australian Championships will be held in October 2008 somewhere west of Sydney. NAMSF will again be providing travel subsidies to this event for one university team from each state. For more details on how to apply, contact your state rogaining association.


Wikipedia entry on Rogaining

Australian Rogaining Association

Rogaining associations by state/territory:

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